Delicious Custom Decorated Cakes By Leo’s Bakery & Deli

Cake is what makes the day special whatever you are celebrating, either a birthday, baby shower, anniversary, graduation party or just having a special dinner with special people. Are you looking for a custom decorated cake for an occasion? Our cakes are custom-made and designed to fit for every special event. We bake cakes for all special events and occasions. All of our decorated cakes are made from scratch using the top quality ingredients. All real stuff! Our cakes are always fresh and moist.

There is no secret to what makes the Leos Bakery’s cakes and other treats taste so good. The Leos Bakery’s success has been its product’s quality that cakes taste best and they’ve been freshly baked using exactly the same techniques and ingredients as those used in home baking. The Leo’s Bakery offers a full range of home-style baked treats and desserts including pies, flavored cakes, cannolis, cupcakes, muffins and much more.

Yummy Flavored Cake

A special event calls for an extra special cake. Choose fresh from the oven sponges topped with delicious frosting from Rochester’s leading bakery. All our party cakes are especially hand decorated and make the perfect finishing touch to any celebration. We offer an exclusive range of dessert solutions that are sure to delight you.

Leo’s Bakery offers more than just your standard cupcakes. When you have a piece of our custom-made cake, we’re sure that you will want a second piece. So just have a look. Give us a call and we can discuss about the theme cake that is in your mind. We feel truly honored when we are chosen to do the cake for your special day.


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