Leo’s Bakery – Make Your Every Event Special With Us

Let Leo’s Bakery caters the desserts for all the special moments in your life. Whether you desire an elegant event for your wedding, an intimate birthday party, or any type of get-together party, we can help you to summarize your dozens of tiny details into a perfect single picture. Making your event excellent and run smoothly is our specialty.

We can customize any event to your exact taste and description. Whether you have a specific menu you would like us to make for your event  or have a specific look you are going for with the decor, we will do our very best to make it a reality. Let us take care of every tiny detail from linens, to decor, to the perfect dessert menu.

Get in touch with us when you’re planning your next event so we can discuss about all the customization options available and be able to give your event all the attention and time it deserves.

Custom Cakes
Custom cakes are a must for any special event or wedding ceremony. Leo’s Bakery can make the custom cake you have dreamed of. We will work with you and your imagination to deliver a deliciously amazing cake.

Reviews About Leo's Bakery Cakes
The tasty small cupcakes are a fun, creative and eye-catching way to make an event unique and they can be customized any which way you like. Whatever the style of the party or event, there’s a perfect match in cupcake flavors, decorations and cupcake displays.

Dessert Platters
A great addition or stand alone option for any big or small event. Choose from a single dessert or combine up to four different varieties of Pastries/cookies/pies/cake bites.

Reviews About Leo's Bakery Pies
Depending on what you need Leo’s Bakery can fulfill your dessert dreams.


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